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Best evidence yet for coronal heating theory detected by NASA sounding rocket

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Scientists have recently gathered some of the strongest evidence to date to explain what makes the sun's outer atmosphere so much hotter than its surface. The new observations of the small-scale extremely hot temperatures are consistent with only one current theory: something called nanoflares -- a constant peppering of impulsive bursts of heating, none of which can be individually detected -- provide the mysterious extra heat

On-chip topological light

( Joint Quantum Institute) First came the concept of topological light. Then came images of topological light moving around a microchip. Now full measurements of the transmission of light around and through the chip.

Mapping the optimal route between two quantum states

( Chapman University) As a quantum state collapses from a quantum superposition to a classical state or a different superposition, it will follow a path known as a quantum trajectory. For each start and end state there is an optimal or 'most likely' path, but it is not as easy to predict the path or track it experimentally as a straight-line between two points would be in our everyday, classical world. In a new paper featured on the July 30 cover of Nature, scientists from the Institute for Quantum Studies at Chapman University, the University of Rochester, University of California at Berkeley, and Washington University in St. Louis have shown that it is possible to track these quantum trajectories and compare them to a recently developed theory for predicting the most likely path a system will take between two states.

NASA sees Tropical Storm Halong's 'best side'

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA satellite data showed Tropical Storm Halong's 'best side' or most powerful side was east of its center.

NASA finds heavy rainfall and wind shear in newborn Tropical Storm Bertha

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite known as TRMM found rain was falling heavily in the Atlantic Ocean's second tropical storm of the hurricane season. Bertha was close to the Lesser Antilles, prompting warnings and watches.

A train of 5 tropical cyclones in the Central and Eastern Pacific

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A train of developing tropical low pressure areas stretch from the Eastern Pacific Ocean into the Central Pacific and they were captured in an image from NOAA's GOES-West satellite on Aug. 1. The train of five tropical lows include the remnants of Tropical Storm Genevieve and newly developed Tropical Storm Iselle.

Final flight of European space vehicle to Space Station goes out with a 'Big Bang'

( NASA/Johnson Space Center) The fifth and final mission of the European Space Agency Automated Transfer Vehicle, named for Belgian physicist Georges LemaƮtre, the father of the big-bang theory, launched July 29 and is delivering new research to the International Space Station.

NASA eyes powerful bands of thunderstorms in newborn Tropical Storm Iselle

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Tropical Storm Iselle was born in the Eastern Pacific Ocean soon after NASA's Aqua satellite gathered infrared imagery on the storm that showed powerful thunderstorms wrapping into developing storm's center. Iselle is not close enough to land to cause any watches or warnings.

Electronic reminders can help patients prevent surgical site infections

( American College of Surgeons) The use of electronic reminders such as text messages, emails or voicemails is highly effective at getting surgical patients to adhere to a preadmission antiseptic showering regimen known to help reduce risk of surgical site infections, according to a first-of-its-kind study published in the August issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.

Georgia Tech jailbreaks iOS 7.1.2

( Georgia Institute of Technology) Security researchers at the Georgia Tech Information Security Center have discovered a way to jailbreak current generation Apple iOS devices -- e.g., iPhones and iPads -- running the latest iOS software.

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