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Discovery about new battery overturns decades of false assumptions

( Oregon State University) New findings have overturned a scientific dogma that stood for decades, by showing that potassium can work with graphite in a potassium-ion battery -- a discovery that could pose a challenge and more sustainable, less costly alternative to the widely used lithium-ion battery.

Satellites see Hurricane Joaquin moving through Northern Atlantic

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA and NOAA satellites have been watching Hurricane Joaquin move to the northeast through the northern Atlantic Ocean. Although Joaquin is moving away from the US and Canada it is still generating dangerous surf conditions.

NASA sees Typhoon Choi-wan moving north in Western Pacific

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Typhoon Choi-wan continued to move north in the western Pacific Ocean as NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead in space on Oct. 6 and took an infrared look at the storm. Earlier, the RapidScat instrument aboard the International Space Station measured the storm's strongest winds.

JBEI joins 100/500 club

( DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) The Joint BioEnergy Institute is now a member of the '100/500 Club,' having filed its 100th patent application and published its 500th scientific paper. JBEI is a DOE Bioenergy Research Center led by Berkeley Lab.

CWRU nurse scientist awarded $2.48 million to help families make critical-care decisions

( Case Western Reserve University) A new $2.48 million federal grant will allow researchers at Case Western Reserve University to revise and test the effectiveness of an interactive avatar-based technology that helps users make end-of-life decisions well in advance of an ICU emergency.

From trees to power: McMaster engineers build better energy storage device

( McMaster University) This work demonstrates an improved three-dimensional energy storage device constructed by trapping functional nanoparticles within the walls of a foam-like structure made of nanocellulose. The foam is made in one step and can be used to produce more sustainable capacitor devices with higher power density and faster charging abilities compared to rechargeable batteries. This development paves the way towards the production of lightweight, flexible, and high-power electronics for application in wearable devices, portable power sources and hybrid vehicles.

NASA gets Hurricane Oho by the tail

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Tropical Storm Oho intensified into a hurricane on October 6 and appeared to have a 'tail' in Infrared NASA satellite imagery. Oho is the seventh hurricane of the 2015 season in the North Central Pacific Ocean.

How the brain's wiring leads to cognitive control

( University of Pennsylvania) By using structural imaging techniques to convert brain scans into 'wiring diagrams' of connections between brain regions, researchers used the structure of these neural networks to reveal the fundamental rules that govern which parts of the brain are most able to exert 'cognitive control' over thoughts and actions.

Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oct. 2015

( DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory) This tip sheet includes: High octane rating makes ethanol attractive; ORNL has potential solution to congestion, collisions; ORNL using advanced methods to discover new materials; ORNL hosting molten salt reactor workshop; and Virginia Tech using ORNL computing resources for energy exploration

Heavy internet use may put teens at risk for high blood pressure

( Henry Ford Health System) Teens who spend hours on the Internet may be at risk for high blood pressure, say researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.In a study published in the Journal of School Nursing, researchers found that teens who spent at least 14 hours a week on the Internet had elevated blood pressure. Of 134 teens described by researchers as heavy Internet users, 26 had elevated blood pressure.

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